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U.S.A. Stock All Order Ships from California, USA
U.S.A. Stock All Orders Ship from California, USA

Luminous Photoluminescent Glow In The Dark Home Decor Tape

by junipel
Color: Blue

Junipel glow in the dark tape that works by charging with ambient light. This is an inexpensive electricity free safety marking system. It is widely used in the safety industry to direct pathways to form route indicators and emergency exits. Sporting use stuck onto helmets, bikes, cyclists, trims, special effects and more for safety enhancement. It can be adhered to to walls, light switch covers, stairways, hand rails and bathrooms. Industrial use in building complexes, industrial plants, hospitals etc. for identification of crucial machinery controls, escape routes, any type of labels, and decals. Junipel Glow in the Dark Tape absorbs and stores energy from ambient light sources such as sunlight or artificial light. The tape will glow the brightest the first 20-30 minutes and remain visible in the dark six hours to eight hours to the adapted eye.. Excellent adhesion, rechargeable and clean removal.

  • 7 years durability outdoor,20 years durability indoor
  • Ledtime: about 6h to 8h
  • Acrylic surface film
  • Width accuracy for each roll (±) 0.04 in.